- Fri Mar 30 2018

March 31st...Performance Cyclez 4th Annual Bike Event

Motorcycle Endorsement - Thu Sep 22 2016
Do you know anyone who needs their motorcycle endorsement? Call Steve at 352-254-0458 or visit www.flmotorcycleendorsement.com. Special offer $179.00 for a limited time. Buy a motorcycle from Performance Cyclez and receive a discount on your class.
Alright Veterans, bikers, military families and people that just say "MERICA". Here at Performance Cyclez we just got in some frosted windshields that have Military decals, Don't Tread On Me, and others. They come in 8 inch and 6 inch sizes. Right now they are only come in clear. We are working in getting tinted ones.
LOVE JUGS - Tue Feb 16 2016
LOVE JUGS - COOLING FANS Everyone loves Jugs!! Get your set of Love Jugs cooling fans before the summer heat hits! Available in Chrome or Black. These fans have no problem keeping this 131" beast cool in slow traffic.